• Frees up parents hands to do
    other things

  • No more holding the pacifier
    in your baby's mouth!

  • Pacifier remains in your
    baby's field of vision when not
    in use; unlike traditional
    pacifier holders that dangle to
    the side.

  • Develops motor skills

  • Helps baby learn to self calm

  • Newborns and infants can easily
    manipulate the binky
My baby kept spitting out his pacifier and would get upset. The PaciPillow allowed him to spit it out and put it
back in his mouth anytime he wanted. Great Product!  
Mike and Lisa, Mission Viejo, CA.

  • Baby can easily manipulate the
    pacifier without the help of mom
    and dad

  • Gives baby the control

  • Inspires Independence
*PaciPillow doesn't force the pacifier in to your baby's mouth.  It simply holds the pacifier near your   
  baby's mouth so they can retrieve it by themselves.
*PaciPillow is a unique hands free pacifier holder that works great for car seats and strollers.
*PaciPillow frees up your hands and eliminates the screaming and crying in the car.
Creates Confidence
Fosters Development
Practical for Parents
A Great Gift Idea!
  • A unique baby product

  • Makes a great baby shower gift

  • A baby basic every parent should have for
    their infant!
  • Use with any pacifier or binky with a ring

  • Excellent stroller accessories

  • Great for new or expecting moms!
If Your Baby Has Trouble Keeping A Pacifier In Their Mouth
This Is The Product For You!
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Doesn't force pacifier in the mouth.
Simply holds pacifier near baby's mouth so they can retrieve it by themselves.